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  1. madVR v0.92.3 * added extended screenshot functionality, new settings page etc * added "IMadVRFrameGrabber" interface for media player developers * added HDR support to madTPG * added (limited) support for cropping through the DirectShow pin info * slightly improved super-xbr weights * fixed: settings dialog (madHcCtrl) could crash for AMD users * fixed: Nvidia FSE HDR passthrough tweak stopped working in v0.92.2 * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: NNEDI3 chroma upscaling crashed * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: sometimes froze for 5 seconds * fixed: using FSE seekbar in paused state could freeze media player * fixed: custom modes of secondary monitor showed primary monitor data * fixed: madTPG: mouse cursor could confuse the measurements * odd horizontal porches are punished with a higher compatibility hit now http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  2. madVR v0.92.2 * fixed: possible crash when stopping playback or freeing the madVR instance * fixed: DXVA2 decoding+downscaling produced wrong colors with HDR content * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: crash when moving window to another monitor * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: green screen with DX10 GPUs * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: problems if video unexpectedly changes size * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: detection for bad HDR metadata wasn't working * fixed: custom modes tab didn't show for AVR devices * fixed: custom modes tab didn't show when display modes was in a profile * fixed: D3D11 FSE mode was sometimes limited to 8bit instead of 10bit * fixed: HDR "let madVR decide" setting misbehaved for Intel GPUs * fixed: HDR metadata sent to display wasn't always correct * fixed: "HDR" profile bool was not set if HDR metadata was bad/unknown * fixed: some settings windows appeared behind a "always on top" media player * added support for sending MaxCLL/FALL HDR metadata (if available) to the TV * added "enable nvidia 3d.reg" to enable 3D playback with newer Nvidia drivers * if video HDR metadata is bad/missing, default HDR metadata is sent to TV now * when custom mode is deleted, measurements are now also deleted * Nvidia "try custom mode" timeout increased to 30 seconds http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  3. madVR v0.92.0 * added new "display modes" -> "custom modes" settings tab * added support for native D3D11 DXVA hardware decoding (needs nightly LAV) * added support for outputting 10bit in fullscreen windowed mode (win10) * added optimized "let madVR decide" HDR configuration option * added support for AMD's private HDR switching API * added workaround for make Nvidia's private HDR switching API work better * added full-size EDID block reading (256 bytes instead of just 128) * added extended EDID parsing * improved frame drop/repeat estimates for xx/1.001 hz modes * fixed: deinterlacing of P010 software decoded videos was broken madVR v0.92.1 * fixed: depending on madVR settings, v0.92.0 crashed right at initialization * fixed: "display modes" were listed twice in the settings dialog http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  4. madVR v0.91.11 * fixed: HDR metadata via Nvidia's private API was broken in 64bit * added workaround for driver bug in Nvidia's private HDR API * improved Windows 10 HDR metadata support * D3D11 windowed mode now supports 10bit, if "HDR and Advanced Color" is on * improved AMD native 10bit DXVA decoding; drivers are still broken, though * downscaling after doubling now uses relaxed AR only for NGU Sharp + Standard http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  5. Nouvelle Version 64 32 1.7.2710 2017/06/29 + Added the ability to display sound level of broadcast information + Added the ability to rotate the screen according to the image ratio + Added the ability to auto rotate the screen according to the ratio of image rotation + Added the ability to repeat the previous/next subtitle/section + Added the ability to save the broadcast as MKV, MP4, AVC formats - Fixed an issue that appeared red when using D3D11 video renderer under certain conditions - Fixed an issue that can't handle MPEG TS in TrueHD - Fixed an issue that certain MPEG TS did not output videos - Fixed an issue where the capture worked abnormally when using rotation - Removed the AVI, OGV formats of the stored broadcasts - Improved handling of shortcut (.lnk) files - Fixed an issue that appeared strange colors in certain games with game capture - Added some Closed Captions support - Support time-shift function for rtmp, rtsp playback
  6. Nouvelle version de Potplayer Version64 version32 ----------------------------------------------------------1.7.[2233] 2017/05/25----------------------------------------------------------* Changed the maximum number of chat users from 2000 to 3000- Fixed an issue that screen was broken when playing certain VOB files- Fixed an issue that subtitles were fading in OpenGL renderer- Fixed an issue that got no sound while playing certain MP4/TS files- Fixed an issue that program sometimes crashed on startup
  7. madVR v0.91.10 * improved Windows 10 HDR metadata support * added new option "hack Direct3D to make 24.000Hz and 60.000Hz work" * performance improvement with "trust DXVA" + "use D3D11 for presentation" * fixed: Intel GPU driver flickering bug with "use D3D11 for presentation" * fixed: madVR(64).ax files were larger than necessary * Intel: 10bit DXVA surfaces are now converted to 10bit RGB (instead of 8bit) http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  8. madVR v0.91.8 * NGU Sharp now targets middle ground between gamma and linear light * added NGU Standard + Soft algorithms, with direct quadrupling support * added true "very high" quality mode for direct quadrupling * modified "add grain" to produce similar output when using direct quad * fixed: Y416 input was handled incorrectly http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  9. le 3é lien est une 1080 et non pas une 1070 https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-GTX-1070-GAMING-Z-8G.html#hero-o si c'est juste une difference de fréquence tu prends la moins chere et tu l'OC toi meme via MSI afterburner par ex c'est ce que j'ai fais et ça fonctionne parfaitement. Mais perso l'OC me sert essentiellement pour avoir un gain significatif en jeu; Pour MadVr je ne suis pas sur que cela soit très utile.
  10. madVR v0.91.6 * added NGU Anti-Alias algorithm, intended as a potential NNEDI3 replacement * completely redesigned image upscaling settings page once more * downscaling after doubling now uses relaxed AR (instead of strict) * increased AdaptiveSharpen + LumaSharpen upper limits * fixed: up & downscaling anti-ringing checkbox was sometimes disabled * fixed: 3D subtitle depth was incorrect for movies with swapped eyes http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  11. madVR v0.91.5 * added direct 4x NGU upscalers http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  12. 1.6.63891 2017/01/04 + Added some ACM Vorbis Mode3 decoding functions + Added D3D12 game capture function + Added MJPEG option to built-in codec fuction - Fixed an issue that playback time of certain AVIs were incorrectly calculated - Fixed abnormal playback problem of certain AVIs - Fixed occasional freeze problem when using the built-in WASAPI audio renderer - Fixed freeze problem when outputting certain SSA subtitles - Fixed an issue where subtitles were black in certain PCs - Fixed an issue that screen was broken when DXVA decoding certain H.264 files - Improved MJPEG decoding speed
  13. madVR v0.91.4 * redesigned "image upscaling" settings page once more * super-xbr image doubling is available again * fixed: downscaling anti-ringing checkbox was sometimes disabled http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
  14. madVR v0.91.2 * renamed NGU quality levels: Low -> Med, Med -> High, High -> VeryHigh * added a new even faster NGU "Low" variant * reworked chroma/image up/downscaling/doubling settings pages * removed NEDI and super-xbr image doubling algorithms * small speed improvement for NGU-Med (former NGU-Low) * small quality improvement for NGU-Med/High (former NGU-Low/Med) * settings dialog warns when SuperRes and NGU are enabled at the same time * pixel shader database is compressed now to save space madVR v0.91.3 * fixed: NNEDI3 doubling could crash in certain situations * fixed: NGU chroma upscaling didn't allow "veryHigh" * fixed: SuperRes strength controls were disabled for chroma upscaling http://madshi.net/madVR.zip
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