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  1. EPSON ELPLP89 Lampe de vidéoprojecteur lampe originale de projecteur Epson EH-TW7300, EH-TW9300, EH-TW9300W. 132 € http://www.futureland.fr/bonnes-affaires-/37197-epson-elplp89-v13h010l89.html?search_query=lamp+9300&results=1
  2. Trouvé dans un forum US (AVForums) une intervention au sujet de la dernière mise à jour du firmware (mod.5040 et 6040 équivalent à notre TW9300). Oct 3, 2016 at 10:03 PM Hi, I'm a new member, still learning english... I want to share that Epson just post a firmware upgrade in their website for the 5040 and 6040 projectors. My projector comes from factory with Main 1.04, and Video 1.01 (I can't post pictures or links yet, but you can search "epson 5040 firmware update" in google), last night I upgrade the firmware through USB to version 1.05 and 1.03, and I realize two things, my projector is now more quiet, and the wireless HD, when I switch inputs, connects or synchronize with projector faster than before. I previously owned a Samsung UHD and I never be able to play 4K HDR, so I replaced the samsung with a Panasonic DMP-UB900. Thanks, and I hope my first contribution helps...
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